A Sexy IQ Test? One Client Had to Watch

The Sexy IQ Test Taking Hooker and the Client Who Had to Watch 

Wanna Watch? Yeah, you do. I can do it for you. Again. Just like I did before. But this time, I have a new twist, for your pleasure. Are you ready for me? Good. Make yourself comfortable.  I am going to—take an IQ test for you.  Just how you like it.    Sexy was good, sexy and smart even better.  And if the hooker was special, the client reasoned that he must be special for hiring her, not like those other guys, who were surely losers who had to pay for sex because no woman would want them.  He was smart enough to know you don’t pay a woman for sex, you pay a woman to leave immediately after sex.  But before that you need her to prove how special she is.  You are a psychologist and you have the tools to test her claim that she really is a scholar.  With a cache of IQ tests at your disposal you find out she is smart, really smart.  Tests put her IQ at 143. It’s an imprecise instrument but it indicates something. You stand behind her while she works online, watching her answer questions that would be incomprehensible to the other girls.  Just watching her is exciting.  You put a hand on her shoulder and feel her jump, startled, then quickly force her shoulders to relax so as not to show you had frightened her.  She knows better than to let a client know her weaknesses.  So very exciting. “You are very smart,” you tell her, your hand getting the party started on yourself while she works. The best IQ test yet!  
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