Smart Enough? Sexy Enough? Can You Answer the Question that got Caroleena the sexy IQ Test Taker Gig

A is to 1


B is to 3


C is to ?

Addiction can be hidden in paradise, but I am here to part the plumeria

This is the question the psychologist/trick asked me that got him thinking I should take some of the IQ tests he had on his computer that were the tools of his trade. That’s what he called them, his tools. I don’t really know what his trade was because after talking to a lot of people I discovered that he wasn’t just my trick, but he used every one of his patients in his life of indulgence and addiction. I forgot to mention, he was an IV drug user. This I know because he sent me on runs for him to get heroin, or “boy” as we called it here in Honolulu. When I returned back to his office, conveniently located smack dab in the middle of Hotel Street in downtown Honolulu, it was my responsibility to inject him. I was not comfortable doing this, but at this time I learned a little something about myself. As much as I thought I was emotionally tough and immune to soft feelings that made regular people vulnerable, I could be coerced. I was on parole at the time, meaning I had one foot back in prison because I was being monitored by the parole officer. One bad report from him and back I would go. If I had known what I was signing on for, I would have gotten the question wrong.

You, however, are safe to give it your best shot. I will follow up with multiple choice options, then the answer. I really need to come up with a prize. Unless there is someone out there who wants to take IQ tests..? I’m not paying but I am open to watching you do it to see if there is any appeal. Just kidding…yeah.

I took two tests each date, which comes out to $50 a test. And I didn’t even have to do them nude, although I wouldn’t have minded the nudity. I was happy to have a date that didn’t require me to do anything physical.
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