Secret Street Sex in homeless camps–shocking live video shows where your favorite Honolulu working girl may take you. A Live YouTube Video

A lot of downtown working girls live this way–like you’re in the third world not the United States. If a girl doesn’t have her own tent she can have her date offer the tent owner $20 to rent the space. Looks like 3rd world poverty in the video but that’s the U.S. and many professional men with respectable images have had secret street sex right where I filmed. Down Honolulu prostitution draws clients from all walks of life. Don’t let the poverty fool you. There’s money made here everyday. Amazing, yes?

The above link will take you to the completely unedited video I took with my phone while I rode through one of the ever present homeless camps in Honolulu January 31, 2020.

If a guy is sure no one will know, even the most respectable guy will rent one of these tents to rendezvous with a downtown streetwalker. For some, the abject poverty heightens the lure of the forbidden.

Caroleena noting how some downtown Honolulu hookers handle the problem of finding a spot for secret street sex.
I had too much pride to use a tent. I rented out the 9sqare foot bathrooms in low income housing for my dates.
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