Ben Franklin Was Wrong About Secret Keeping in One Way

“Three can keep a secret if two if them are dead,” is a quote attributed to Ben Franklin. We see much evidence that secret keeping might be impossible when we look at what happens when people get arrested. The Mafia had a code members adopted that had, at it’s heart, never cooperate with law enforcement. I think it was called the omerta. Sacred vows went out the window when crooks had the chance to get out of jail free if they turned snitch. When it’s profitable, people leak secrets. Or, if people want to brag about crimes they should never mention, they end up telling on themselves.

Ben Franklin’s Mistake

When it comes to information that men truly do not want anyone to know, guys can keep those secrets forever. I’m sure you have heard a woman say, “I just had to tell someone,” usually in a breathless tone. Men do not feel the need to unburden themselves, ever, when it comes to socially unacceptable sexual inclinations. A man who privately enjoys the company of transgender hookers, for example, will take that secret to the grave. And he will never feel the urge to share, never feel like he “has” to say something, never feel guilty about that part of his life.

I compartmentalize. I don’t think about it when I’m not doing it, so it doesn’t bother me.

A former client who occasionally enjoyed the company of tg hookers, explaining how he kept his secret without feeling guilty or slipping up.

Maintaining the sanctity of confidentiality comes down to what’s most beneficial to the secret holder. There is no innate inability to keep secrets, merely an innate inability to resist the benefits of ratting someone out. If the cost of telling outweighs the benefits, no one will talk, ever. No matter how many people know the hidden truth. Imho.

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