Logo Decision–Should I use Real Pic or Cartoon Pic Framed by Tropical Artwork

Your Opinion Counts. Intimacy vs. porn–this is not a XXX site but we do discuss adult matters concerning intimate matters not generally discussed in public or even private. The main purpose of https://atomic-temporary-125892413.wpcomstaging.com is to give people information they want and might even need to feel like there is nothing unusual about their private desires. Education and entertainment provided by a person with pariah status who is smart and funny in a way people don’t expect of a brown skinned X-Hooker. We are shifting expectations about what’s normal and who counts as a human. Now that you have this background, I want you to look at the logo choices:

Actual picture on a paradise background. What does this logo bring to mind for you?
The advantage of a cartoon is that it might have broader appeal rather than a picture of a person who will have common traits with some groups but not others.

If the logo should be altogether different, thereby conveying a different message, let me know.

Caroleena, creator of https://atomic-temporary-125892413.wpcomstaging.com, the tell all by the Harvard X-Hooker in Hawaii
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