Money and Status: Old Money, New Money Vs. Quiet Money

Hiding what’s most valuable is sometimes the safest thing. Sure you might want to say, “hey everyone this is me and this is what I’m working with!” but like this anonymous pic, you might have something beautiful or valuable that’s not necessarily associated with you bc it may be best not to let people know everything.

There’s old money, there’s new money and then there’s quiet money. Old money and new money are designations people give to other people’s wealth and the titles indicate the judgement people place on how you got your wealth. Quiet money is money no one knows about. People can’t judge you based on what they believe you have and how they believe you got it. And most importantly, quiet money is safe money since no one knows you have it. They can’t try to steal it from you or ask you for it. If you don’t hunger for people to know what you’ve got, and what you could have, do what you can to hide your wealth. It’s ok to go so far as to be deceptive about your money. Wealth based status puts a target on your back.

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