Revealing Sex Commentary By a Fan

A Selected Segment:

I know that there are signs that a man wants an open, public relationship with a woman. But men have thoughts about women that they don’t share with us and we women have no idea that men are thinking certain things about almost every woman almost all of the time. I did not know the hidden truths for which there are no signs. Most men look at most woman and filter the view through a sexual lense. Even if only for one hundredth of a second, men look and think “yes, no, want her, don’t want her, too old, too young, could have her if I want, wish I could have her,” etc., etc. These thoughts occur consciously or so quickly they are unconscious.

Caroleena, writing about her recent, surprising discovery that most men evaluate mqost women sexually most of the time

I always wonder whether this is true for every man, or just some men. I know that I am guilty as charged when it comes to looking at women. I wonder what their breasts look like, what their pussies look like, and whether they would be a fun person to fuck assuming they would like to fuck. I suppose that probably puts me in the “sicko” category, but I don’t know.

A loyal blog fan writing from somewhere in the world about the thoughts stirred by Caroleena’s writing

What an honor to know that my words have an impact. I’m so grateful for all of the aloha shown by my readers. I’m totally stoked to write “my readers!”

2 responses to “Revealing Sex Commentary By a Fan”

  1. I am going to say yes this happens at an unconscious level and at that level when it subconsciously blips the answer is yes because there is no knowledge of the persons mind, creativity beauty, skill and deviance, nor is there ok nowledge of character flaws… But every has there own x factor that do taxes and connects certain people..

    Thank you few more pieces clicking.. I really needed to see them… Iam going to grab on and use this post as hope,.


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