I’ve spent time in prison so I’m going to give you a first person prison account in this category of posts, the likes of which you’ve never seen!

Hi I’m Caroleena, the ivy league educated former Honolulu, addiction driven, street sex worker. I went to prison for a “crime” the state of Hawaii is now willing to expunge post conviction, just to give you an idea about what $3 of an opiate in my possession motivated the state to do and undo. People with my education rarely experience incarceration unless they are quite seriously mentally ill. My schooling and experiences have uniquely prepared me to tell the world what I know if the drug world and its branches. Like prison. If you want to find a group of victims who never had a fair chance to even see someone else get a fair chance, you can stop by the Women’s Community Correctional Center on Oahu, just outside of downtown Honolulu. I made it a point to interview every newcomer to see what could be learned from her arrest. In Hawaii, meth or “ice” is still the epidemic. Maybe bc it can be processed locally and we needn’t pay high prices for mainland items like heroin. Ice brings property crime and fraud. You wouldn’t believe how often the boyfriend sends his girlfriend into the bank with a stolen check, for example, after explaining he is needed behind the wheel of the running car. First timers didn’t know that I’d you go into an establishment with some fraudulent something, and there’s a delay due to unrelated circumstances, the staff is lying while they stall you for the cops who are en route. The boyfriend sees the cops pull in before she does and no woman, while being led away in cuffs ever saw the guy still in the parking lot. That guy won’t visit or put money “on her books” or in her inmate commissary account. Most women receive no visitors, and of the ones who get visitors, significant others are the exception not the rule. Bus loads of women visit me every weekend all over the mainland and, I’m told, at the men’s prison on Oahu. One guy could carry the men going to see their women in an institution that holds 300. Now that I think of it, there were more visitors who started out as clients paying for sexual favors who later became friends and support than there were traditional husbands and boyfriend’s. Not that there were a huge group of former tricks. If the kids are going to see Mom in prison, it’s the grandmother who will bring them because if we further divide the visiting men into subgroups, the tiniest group is men who are in a current relationship with the woman who are also willing to provide childcare and transportation. By the way, a similar phenomenon occurs when one spouse gets terminally ill. Women care for their husbands. Men are likely to get out of there.

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