Original Happiness Lessons From One Who Seldom Hears Anything New

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I don’t often learn something new and that’s why I want to share this lesson with you, my dear Readers. When it comes to making positive life changes, rely on the changes you make to your environment to last, rather than your behavior.. Makes sense but I never thought about that. I’ve got a few more for you so stay tuned!

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  1. I think the change in environment needs to be hand in hand with behavioral changes. I don’t think it’s commonly possible to have significant change without both. I say common because in this great wide world there are continual exceptions to the rules. I have friends make drastic changes by sheer stubbornness and force of will. It did not matter where they were or who they were with. That steel trap mindset does have its flaws along with this benefit but I digress.

    I believe it is also important to realize that making fundamental changes in ones core personality traits is a battle that does not end while one is under the sun. Some things need to be fought with every once of our being and rather than the battle becoming easier we just become accustomed to it. It does get easier in that way. What does not kill us truly makes us stronger.


    • Did you see my post about what doesn’t kill us making us bitter, angry, hurt, but strong people?

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      • Yes I did! I also commented on it. Yes I think strength is earned this way. Other things are earned as well.

        Perhaps growing up and maturing isn’t quite just the loss of innocence but the threads of jade we pick up along the way.

        I have scars on my body I wear proudly as testament to the life I have experienced. The larger ones were accompanied with great pain. It is the same with the scars inside that are more difficult to see until you get to know me. My scars both in and out are earned and a part of my beautiful life striped with pain and happiness and everything in between. Is it not the same for us all?

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