Hooker/Trick Turned Girlfriend/Boyfriend and My Exclusive Knowledge Explains How

At First He Paid For My Time, But Things Changed

Working girls have relationships that started as transactions. Things change. Frequent prolonged encounters cause relationships to evolve, strengthen. I’ve said that all working girls end up with at least one real friend out of her tricks. And the affection is usually mutual though seldom matching in strength–one always cares more, but that’s a different article. That’s one of my often repeated truisms. Here’s another truism that I will say again because it’s a valuable lesson:

All time spent with another person is quality time. What makes time “quality” is not the amazingly special activity but the fact if being with the other person (and not distracted by your phone, for example).

Caroleena’s realization after contemplating a lifetime of memories

I could Google my ideas, get some facts as the internet presents them, but I want to give you my memories bc this blog is what I’ve learned through my unique experience and you can only get that from my writing. Anyway, as I recall, the term “quality time” entered the country’s general usage when parents started spending time away from their kids. Women wanted out if the homemaker role and into the workforce. Lucky they did, bc divorce wasn’t such a taboo in the 1980’s and 1999’s and many men discovered other women, younger women, second families with new babies. Teenage kids were more on their own and parents felt guilty. I wonder if this sociological fact influenced the opioid epidemic, but I digress.

Don’t Worry! The important thing about time isn’t quantity, it’s quality!

That’s what was said in talk shows, in magazines, what we now call traditional as opposed to “social” media. People busy doing stuff they preferred to spending time with their adolescents were told to make every other weekend visitation as decreed in the divorce settlement special and it’s just as good as constant contact. Women who had to put their 6 week old newborn in daycare bc they had no choice since ain’t nothing going on but the rent felt tremendous pressure to “have it all.” Yes, you can have it all, you just can’t spend a lot of time with every component of the “it.” Well, that’s ok, figure out amazing binding activities and day Care is no biggie.

They were wrong and either knowingly lied or just misspoke

It doesn’t matter if the purpose was to deceive or inform. The fact remains that the info was bogus. Of course awesome activities are awesome but more so bc undivided attention is awesome rather than, say, skydiving. Think back in your good memories and you’ll be amazed at how humdrum the activities are in your mind movie if The Best Times.

⬆️ Amount of time➡️
⬆️ Quality of Time

Caroleena, the Expert Escort

That’s why there are rules forbidding relationships that seem impossible. What guard wants to get with an inmate? Or a teacher with a student? Or a trick with a hooker? Well there’s no official rule against the last example but it’s generally understood as a rule within the secret sex subculture. Time spent together is what creates those unlikely bonds. Anyone you spend prolonged periods of time with could become a love interest. And here’s a thought! Maybe sexual preference isn’t about gay, straight or anything within us, but is all a function of who we are around.

Unlikely bonds are not that strange if you know the power of togetherness, alone.

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