Coronavirus is hobbling factories in Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar — Quartz–This article makes me think of the impact of our addictions

China has a lot of control over the world. Way more than ordinary people like me know. In a nutshell, the entire global economy will be affected by losing access to raw materials from China. Somehow I am reminded of how profoundly a drug epidemic affects the world. We addicts take power out of our own hands and our lack of participation in the work force means, for one thing, we have no political power. Laws are made about us, things happen to us, and we don’t even know it until we stumble into the consequences. Then once we are people with records, society has a system of further divesting us of power by banning our participation in jobs, housing programs, boting–it varies by state. But in every state people are permitted to condemn us bc we deserve it.

The Terminator Movies Had it Right

It is true that the death of a woman can change the future of the world if she never have the chance to give birth to the leader of the revolution. The ripple effect of each person’s decisions can be huge, and when people unconnected to each other act as if they are guided by the most effective conspiracy leader, like all of the people on heroin now, there’s no telling what’s happening, only that something is. I always feel so isolated, not having any family and very few friends, but now I wonder, are my actions meaningful outside of my life? I only wish I knew how. Kind of a random post. Thanks for reading.

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