AIDS Taught Lessons We Shouldn’t Forget in This Virus Age. Link to Gaurdian Article

A Sudden Virus Hits the World Stage Seemingly Out of Nowhere

I was a child when this statement was currently true about something they were calling GRID. Anyone remember GRID? Gay Related Immuno Deficiency. Remember, I don’t look up facts, I give you my memories bc that’s the only thing I have to offer that sets me apart from the rest. Therefore I’m not sure about the exact years. I remember it was the early 1980’s. I was not yet 10 but I loved reading medical news, still do, and I was following this new development. I lived in New York, on Long Island, an hour outside of The City, as New Yorkers refer to Manhattan, even those who live in the five borroughs that comprise The City. I remember the gaunt white men who had grown facial hair to hide their emaciated faces. They had the old-young look of people terminally ill before their expected time. You think you’re seeing someone elderly on the news, but as the story goes on and you learn biographical info and see the ages of those around him it would hit me that this guy was in his 20’s or 30’s. Back then men died quickly, not even 6 months. From my point of view it tore through the gay community (not that I used that term for people whose existence I had never even guessed at before).

Why This Matters Now

I remember my interest in the subject as an exciting new development for a person like me with an interest in the subject of public health. My mistake, the myth that I embraced: GRID had nothing to do with me personally and would never touch my life. You can’t blame me. I was too young to know what fellow New Yorker Donald Trump probably knew back then. The news might not always be real, it might even be fake. And it is impossible for it to be unbiased, what with people producing it. It’s natural for people on both sides of the media assembly line , be they producers of stories or consumers, to tell the story of disease ad the story of what happens to them. I was told I had nothing to fear, I was too inexperienced to doubt it and human nature caused me to seek comfort in this notion. I was wrong. I don’t want to be blindsided again.

Look at the article link

It’s totally biased. We do not really know that this disease is over there. Why would they write about Chinese scientists looking for a vaccine, as if America isn’t involved. And, what’s this foolishness about the need to “declare” a global pandemic as if the world has not yet reached the point of it being relevant to all. Well I’m paying attention. And by the way, the face mask info was very enlightening. We all need to know.


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