The U.N. issued a statement saying something like, Trans Women are Women. Um, Maybe Not.

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Anatomy is not spiritual destiny

We can live any lives we imagine no matter what others believe is suitable.


Anatomy IS Anatomical Destiny

A person with a penis is male not female. When I recall how often I’ve been as ccused of overthinking things, I laugh bc Anatomical gender is basically easy. It’s not an insult, not good or bad, it just is. I can declare myself 6 feet tall and 100 pounds and self identify as a runway model but that wishful thinking is not magical thinking. We teach small children that wishing alone doesn’t make something real.

My Standard–Change your gender by changing your anatomy.

No one has any reason to care what I think bc I don’t make the laws. And no, I’m not imagining myself as a legislator that you now must recognize as a lawmaker. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You may not like your anatomy, and that’s fine, but you can’t wish it away. Next we will tell smokers to imagine no lung damage, self identify as healthy breathers without changing what’s real. I should sound crazy but in this climate, I might be on to a real life worst case scenario.



4 responses to “The U.N. issued a statement saying something like, Trans Women are Women. Um, Maybe Not.”

  1. Wow. You get the unpopular opinion award for today. I struggle with all the labels, self identification, and pronouns offered today as the floor of eggshells it is. I’m so confused by “ My pronouns are they and their” . I almost feel like any conversation is a trap as we do make assumptions on the very first thing we see. It’s all I have as a human. Perhaps a national badge is in order which would help is deescalating offense?

    I agree with your assessment. We are, with rare exception, born with the genitalia which does distinguish ourselves as man and woman. While we do have the choice of perceiving ourselves as whatever we do choose. There are some truths that still must be faced. Medical science has made it possible to modify our bodies to a certain extent. That extent does not allow for a complete transition as of yet. I think we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

    Would you mind sharing that aforementioned award with me?


    • I can share my award. My question to you is–who do you think will object? I’m not challenging you, I just wonder who you see arrayed against simple sanity. What a great catch phrase, “Simple Sanity,” and imagine me at it’s vanguard…ah, a new day.

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      • The greatest concentration of self proclaimed trans justice warriors is currently in our youth. I see transitions and cries of being disrespected on a fundamental level from the 12-25 demographic. Yes 12. One just has to peruse the popular app TikTok to be inundated. We have it breaching mainstream media with Caitlyn Jenner and “I am Jazz”. I hear the lamentations through my visual contact with my screen. “When my chosen pronoun isn’t used it is physically painful” “ it was so hurtful when my friend said “if she wants to be a boy she can do whatever she wants. Leave her alone.” I am a boy and I am misunderstood by all”.

        As transitions progress I’ll admit the end product is often indistinguishable with a cursory or often in-depth glance. However, if you have a beard I might make the mistake of calling you sir even if you identify as a woman and would prefer ma’am. If you have obvious breasts I might make the same but opposite assumptions. We are isolated here with this discussion. In a more public venue my statements would have the comment section cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. That being said I am supportive to the utmost degree of personal choice as long as it does not harm others. Your body your mind your choice period. I take exception when I am required to understand something and address it with a unknown or hidden data set or risk an internet or real life flogging.

        In this day and age common sense is often not common and simple sanity, from my view, is not so simple.


      • I totally agree. I will admit that for reasons not known to me, it makes me uncomfortable when people insist their gender is really the one they aren’t. In theory I’m all about Independence so my reaction puzzles me.


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