Ivy League Meets the Street: Who is the Expert Escort?

Caroleena is an alum of premier institutions: of learning and lock up. She had planned to prove her foster parents wrong to call her unwanted. She intended to show the naysayers it wasn’t just affirmative action that put her in the ivy league. She wanted to send a message to the people who declined to adopt a hyperactive toddler. Most of all she wanted to console herself with her achievements but crashed and burned instead of setting the world on fire. She became everything she once condemned: addicted, homeless, criminal, achieving nothing, making no difference. Waiting to see what guy would take her away, for the day, then spending all she charged him on drugs. She’s not on the street, not now, but she’s not her idea of a winner. No, she never thought she’d measure success by having her own place and by how long it’s been since an emotional collapse led to what she calls a “destruction of property relapse.” She resides in the gap between who she thought she needed to be and who she is. This blog is the sexy, funny, raw view from this vantage point.

4 responses to “Ivy League Meets the Street: Who is the Expert Escort?”

  1. I am enjoying your blog, I am twin ng a lot if insight and hope.

    I’m so lost right now, I think I’m losing my mind but keep finding bread crumbs.. I’m so close to giving up


    • I hope I can somehow inspire you. I’ve been lost and sometimes all I achieve is getting through the day. I don’t know if that’s inspiring. But you’re not alone


  2. I will state something that you already know. We are all on a journey to who we will become. It is the sum totality of all our experiences, both good and bad, that make us who we are. Be proud of your accomplishments and use the experiences that you deem negative to propel you upward.

    We all have ups and downs but know that right now, you are reading this, and you are okay. Everything is okay in this very instant. Take a bit to look around you and appreciate what you have as it is more than most in this world. I wish you the best right now and for your future my beautiful intelligent blogger.


    • That is just lovely.only now am I discovering that when I press “approve” the one line comment I think is complete is replaced by the long comment that was left. I have a lot of unread words from readers!


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