COVID-19 and AIDS–Different Public Faces

A 30 day travel ban on flights from Europe to the United States. I think a temporary hiatus is in order, mostly bc I’m totally unqualified to design effective safety measures. What’s more, in new situations the only thing s person can do is learn from mistakes and that’s tough when a mistake could be deadly.

Yes, This Atmosphere is Different Than the Climate During the Early Days of AIDS, The Unmentionable

We should compile good data to analyze the effectiveness of the travel ban. What President Trump said about us having the best economy, health care, doctors and scientists–well, those factors don’t necessarily stop the spread of disease. But what else can we cling to?

President Trump vs. President Reagan

When the public was made aware of AIDS no one was trying to learn more. President Reagan never spoke the word AIDS in 8 years. Young people have doubted me but I speak truth. AIDS was the unmentionable. Certainly I didn’t think a virus that hit gay men had anything to do with my world. Even the so-called innocent victims of blood transfusions had nothing to do with healthy me. IV drug use? I would not so much as see an illegal drug for years to come. Not in my world. Keep in mind, we weren’t very sure how the virus was spread, but by and large This is really different.

It Could Happen to Me, But I’m Changing–Permanently

A bit of the germophobe mentality must be adopted. Germophobe Naomi Campbell went through LAX in a hazmat suit. That’s a bit much. Handwashing with commitment. Disinfecting my area before and after occupancy. Traveling with disinfecting wipes. These things I can do forever.

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