I Want All Men to Objectify Me as an Irresistible Sex Object AND Respect My Mind–All of the Time.

I Can’t Promise Emotional Stability, Dear Reader, But I Guarantee I Will Share My Unlovely Truth, Hoping My Truth Profits You… Something…I Know Not What, Exactly

This situation is straight out of my blog story. You know the one about my days working escort agencies listed in the Yellow pages, and I had one client pay me $300 to sit and stare at me in admiration, and the next client gave me $2 and burned rubber out if the 7-11 parking lot where we met bc “frankly I was expecting more.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No one likes all of the same movies. Here’s how this scenario played out in March 2020:

I’m going to rewrite the story. I sent same pic at same time to two different guys. They respond at the same time . One says, ” I prefer the natural look.” The other says, “you’re beautiful.” I listen to feedback but after a certain point, when a woman has done all she can to improve herself, as far as she is concerned, just let go of people’s opinions. Don’t I sound wise? Well, that’s the correct advice bas d on reality. A deeper reality is I wish I could be beautiful to everyone all of the time. I’d like to hear about their admiration all of the time. Totally not coming from a secure place but at least I’m being honest with you, my beloved reader. I kept the promise of the blog and there’s beauty in sharing my unattractive truth!

6 responses to “I Want All Men to Objectify Me as an Irresistible Sex Object AND Respect My Mind–All of the Time.”

  1. “I Can’t Promise Emotional Stability,” This is still making me chuckle. It’s refreshing to see someone know themselves and be open with their terrible truths.

    Humor and beauty are all subjective. We are all beautiful in our own way. We each can be funny in our own way. As far as intelligence … I am not sure that is where “everyone takes home a trophy” applies.

    Personally I think beauty is more than just appearance. There needs to be substance the same as there is a difference between a picture and an actual person. One is nice to look at and one is nice to be with.


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