One Reason Men Don’t Get Women

Boys Will be Boys. I must add that Boys will be boys and girls Make Adjustments for Boys. Men insist on getting their way and they judge women by what’s normal for me. That’s why men think, if a woman stops fighting in a sexual encounter she must be giving consent because men can’t imagine giving in to a would-be rapist. Men pester women for what they want the way little boys pester their mothers. Men don’t naturally think in terms of making the best of things or giving a little to get a little. It’s about getting what he wants in an all out win. I guess my thinking is more male than female. I too don’t like compromise. The only consolation in compromise is the knowledge that the other side didn’t get their way any more than I did. How unfulfilling.

Note: my knowledge is purely anecdotal and I claim no verifiable statistically significant expertise. Only opinion.

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