Announcing New Series: Sexy Pics and Sensual Anime with One Liners

Too Wordy–that’s the feedback I have received from people who have read my posts. However, there are a great many who see the wall of words and are altogether turned off. I think all of my thoughts are jewels. Other people don’t necessarily agree. So let’s see if I can ride to the challenge of letting go of a thousand words in exchange for pics!

2 responses to “Announcing New Series: Sexy Pics and Sensual Anime with One Liners”

  1. I find your word smithing entertaining as well as a window into how you want the world to perceive you think.

    I have a couple articles to catch up on. I like to read what you write. This world is to filled with YouTube snippets. I prefer novels and movies that take you on a journey to the stop starts of magazine reading in the Safeway checkout line.


    • I’m experimenting with shorter posts but I’m not doing away with the long ones


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