Commenting on Negative Comment: Why I Chose The Lurid Lure of Pix of a Derierre that Successfully Shows Intermarriage Can Have Great Results

I agree with the comment that this post seems dumb. Keep in mind, I’m not encouraging readers to make decisions prior to gathering facts. I want people to comment on what they see not what they imagine they will see. However first impressions are often only impressions. My angle was to appeal to people who would be curious to see the picture. Was I pandering to baser desires? Or appealing to natural instinct? Both and neither. Yes, I was remarking about the inaccuracy of people who claimed (at the time of the original post) that the Prince of England was a race traitor for marrying a woman who is 25% black thereby ruining the royal lineage. But my real hope was interest in the pictures. Thanks for your feedback!

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I saw a woman with a bikini on, and the seat was baggy. Her butt did not fill out the bikini bottom. The material just hung there. From what I know about my ethnicity I am white and black and some other stuff. The result is a butt that shows the races are meant to mingle, peacefully, because look–

A mixed race butt would definitely fill out a bikini bottom with no spillage.

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8 responses to “Commenting on Negative Comment: Why I Chose The Lurid Lure of Pix of a Derierre that Successfully Shows Intermarriage Can Have Great Results”

  1. A picture can only show so much. I feel more personal research may be in order to see if the statements have credence.


    • i want to mix it up and appeal to people who are put off by what appears to be an impenetrable wall of words. and i need to get the nerve to do the videos!


      • Saw the 3/18 vid. You looked and sounded great. The first foray is always the hardest. I applaud your effort and bravery. It’s not easy putting yourself out there. If that was one of your first times with the full on selfie vid then you will do really well.

        I know there is more to people than looks but you looked hot doing it!


    • I agree with your assessment
      I was experimenting with pandering as a promotional tool


    • i know, right. it does sound stupid. i was experimenting with simply pandering to people who wanted to see a derriere and would be intrigued by the promise of a nice sight. How would the stats reflect this strategy? Now, I am going to find out. You have reminded me that I tried a small experiment and did not follow through with the stats research. BTW, I do believe what I said is true. I was inspired by the white supremacists who accused the Prince of destroying the royal genetic lineage by marrying a woman who is 25% black. Honestly, if I had ever given that issue any thought I would not have imagined this could happen, but of course, I never had reason to ponder. In any event I wanted to comment that there is abundant anecdotal evidence that we need not fear race mixing.


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