Watch “Honolulu Forbidden Sex Status Report” on YouTube–Coronavirus on March 19, 2020

Here’s what’s happening–everything voluntary is being shut down. We are going from being encouraged to shut down and go home to having a curfew, on one of the neighbor islands, of 9:30. Of particular interest: homeless are told to “shelter in place.” The Honolulu mayor is really hostile toward the homeless and orders the police to move them along and throw away their few possessions. I’m curious to see if people, my people are going to be left alone or what..? I’m heading into downtown to find out what’s happening.

Personal Update

Bummed out about losing my job. I didn’t make the cut for the skeleton staff that’s at the hotel. I didn’t know if feel such a sense of loss when I expected hotel services to be waaay cut back but I do. Now I want to take care not to lay around, eating junk and gaining weight. I’m going downtown while we are still allowed to travel, to see how my fellow addicts are doing

One response to “Watch “Honolulu Forbidden Sex Status Report” on YouTube–Coronavirus on March 19, 2020”

  1. I’m sorry about the world knocking you around and I hope you will be okay through this. Stay strong. I enjoyed seeing your mannerisms and hearing your voice but was saddened by your subject matter. Life isn’t all roses is it? This first vid shows it and that’s real life.

    Here’s to hoping for a few open doors and a few new friends. Thank you for sharing.


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