Watch “Is she an addict? A test” on YouTube

How do you know if she is an addict?

She may be out there, but is she addicted? Addicts, no matter the addiction, exhibit certain traits that are common to all and individually unique. Self-pity is a big bright red flag. Over the top pity seeking, like, she is angry that you have no sympathy for how she suffered by stealing from you. Does she accuse you of condemning her for taking what was yours, with no regard for her suffering? If you answer yes, you might be dealing with a bonafide addict

One response to “Watch “Is she an addict? A test” on YouTube”

  1. Excellent breakdown of this one aspect of addiction.

    I ain’t gonna lie. I needed to watch this twice because the view was distracting. You are a pretty lady.

    I hope you aren’t offended by that. I realize how intelligent you are but you really looked like a whole bunch of Wow in this vid.


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