How Can the Spread of COVID-19 Lead to More Sex?

Unintended Consequences of Quarantine

Unintended consequences are one of the most fascinating aspects of life. The spread of this virus has lead to predictable, perhaps, consequences–the fear, hoarding, loss of work, quarantine, curfews. We can look back at measures taken during World War II to get some insight into what the powers that be might do if it is ever seemed necessary to try to have everyone doing the same thing at the same time. Would I ever see a society wide breakdown or at least an all encompassing change of that type? What wad the experience like? I will tell you how this feels. Totally unreal. I was surprised to feel such a sense of loss not to have my part time job to go to. My job was one of my main sources of social interaction. I am surely not the only one. I am lonely. Consider the social distancing mandate that has led to the closure of many other places where we would interact with people on a casual level. Now I am particularly lonely. I always imagined that if the world was ending, I wouldn’t be single. There’s an urge to widen my inner circle, the people I will be around no matter what. I bet others feel the urge to pull people to them. We certainly do have a lot of free time. A lot of free time with intimates … there’ll be a lot of sex. Sex with new and different people. Sex that we devote more time to, in the absence of structured activities. I predict what began with social distancing will end with a baby boom.

prediction: what began with social distancing will end with a baby boom.

Assuming we beat the virus, of course.

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