Quarantine>>24/7 Sex. If Constant Sex is a Blessing Know it and Show it

Men I have met always want sex

I admit I have known a lot of pervy men. Yes, I have interacted with more males than your average female and these men are not randomly chosen from a diverse group. Perhaps oversexed men were over represented in my group of acquaintances. I issue this disclaimer: The men I have known are men who participate in the off track way of life, have participated, or are intrigued enough by red light lifestyle to want to know more. Obviously I can’t speak for every man. So let me reiterate, if your men are like the men I have known than they want sex, always and often, first and foremost. Have you ever heard men answer the hypothetical question about a desert island? They always want something or someone that will enable them to have the super sex they want. This quarantine is the closest thing to being on a desert island most of us will experience. My guess concerning the people I am not in contact with, is that men are constantly encouraging, hounding, pressuring, begging…you pick the word once you get the idea. If you are in sync with your man’s sexual appetite than have at it, and count your blessings for living your best life 24/7. Great, compatible sex with a man you love in a way he appreciates, and who loves you the way you want to be loved–it doesn’t get any better than that. Let me think about that statement…Hmmm….I stand by what I said, it does not get any better than that. You remember the children’s song, “If You’re Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands”? Those are wise words. Let’s not complain now then look back on these days and reminisce about how this was the best time of our lives. Let’s be happy and know it. Show it. Clap your hands. Or move your body in whatever way best indicates your gratitude. Just don’t miss it. Fornicate joyfully and dedicate your union to those less fortunate.

One response to “Quarantine>>24/7 Sex. If Constant Sex is a Blessing Know it and Show it”

  1. Hearty male sexual appetites can be grating on some women regardless of wether a lover is courteous enough to make sure the release is mutual. I will have to agree the sex with a person who’s familiarity extends through years and weekly encounters in multiples is the best. It’s nice when you know how each others bodies and minds work.

    Speaking from the mans point of view on this I find a few ladies of comedy have had great takes on this subject. I will have to paraphrase because I heard this years ago but it seems sage advice that is good through the ages.

    You have to realize if your man is a cum 3 times a day kind of guy.

    Keeping a man is like basketball. Can’t have game when the balks are empty.

    I will state that I believe this is true only for some men and equally for some women… minus the empty balls part.


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