Herding the Homeless to Aloha Stadium? COVID in Honolulu , 20:00 Hrs. March 27, 2020

My friend and I were eating pizza in the parking lot of Papa John’s, using the trunk of his car as a table since there’s no indoor seating. He saw a homeless friend of his, and he called him over to share pizza. The homeless friend had a young, effeminate, hungry homeless friend with him. Much to my friend’s annoyance I gave my portion to the ladyboy (as he proudly called himself). To change the subject I asked the other homeless guy if the cops were bothering them since it was dark. That’s when he told us that either tonight or tomorrow the cops were taking people in if they answered “The street is my home,” the way they replied to the irritated police who rousted them last night. So much for sheltering in place. I will let you know after I interview some people.

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