How did an escort get to be so mean in such a people oriented profession?

That link is to an earlier posts written off the top of my head that attempts to address the apparent contradiction if a misanthrope as a sex worker

One response to “How did an escort get to be so mean in such a people oriented profession?”

  1. I had a conversation with a retailer outside the confines of Honolulu on the subject of how rude the workers of the same store were in town compared to where we were. She told me she worked at that town store and explained that the customers are rude and after a while of immersion in the miasma you can’t help but be rude back. Shocker here… just because you are on payroll doesn’t disconnect you from being human.

    Most of us respond to continual external stimulus in kind. We are human. It might be unfair to someone who isn’t responsible for that continued treatment of another from multiple sources but again we are all only human.

    I can understand exactly what you are saying and can empathize.


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