Being an X-Hooker would not Play Well in a Political Commercial

I don’t know about you all, but during this ..era, I’m watching TV shows I never watched before. There’s this one show about, among other things, the official persona one must present to be acceptable to enough people to keep your job or get elected. They have to deal with events before they become life ruining scandals. I see what normal people consider outrageous and ruinous and I smile. If a reporter had a calendar of my last 20 years and choose any day at random and focussed in depth, on what I was doing, who I spent time with, what I considered important, etc., etc…suffice it to say, one day of my life, carefully examined, would render me ineligible for public office. This show has presented me with a new level of self centered focus that beats even this blog about my life and my interests that I author and I, somewhat indifferently, edit. Maybe I’m even normal..? Naah, I doubt it.


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