Check this link:Coronavirus Quarantine Erotica Is Thriving Right Now — Phicklephilly

Already burn through the internet’s impressive supply of coronavirus porn? Why not check out something a little more mentally stimulating? After all, we’re currently in the golden age of coronavirus erotica. According to the Guardian, these are boom times for literary smut with a pandemic twist, with erotic writers rushing to bring you titillating tales […]

Coronavirus Quarantine Erotica Is Thriving Right Now — Phicklephilly

Pornography has a healthy purpose! If there was ever a time to be consumed by interacting with people who technically don’t exist, it’s now!

  • Invite your partner to join you–limit solo jaunts. Limit does not mean eliminate. Active alone time is still your prerogative!
  • Learn new techniques with the time to review endless choices. Inspiration abounds, easily keep it fresh in your bedroom.
  • Use video as a guide to making your own video
  • Recreate your partner’s faves with you as the star and surprise your partner
  • Make amends for all the times you chose make believe over your flesh and blood partner. Create inclusive porn watching.

How to put porn to good use during quarantine!


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