What a woman learned from the gay man in her life

The tool I used to bond with my bisexual significant other was the Craigslist Classified ads section. Even before I started this blog I interviewed people who had experiences I hadn’t, and my friend Ken was a great source of info on the closeted gay male lifestyle. Remember, Ken was first introduced to me by another working girl bc she wanted me to think she was my friend and not see the truth. Which was..? When we were both in jail, OCCC (Called O Triple C for Oahu Community Correctional Center), I wrote grievances for the women. She carried one of the grievances I wrote on her behalf all the way to a $20,000 medical malpractice settlement. I never asked anyone for money, so the fact that she spent it all without sharing didn’t violate a pre-existing agreement. I didn’t know. It’s not like she was going to tell me. But she worried I’d react like she would have if the roles were reversed. To head off the revenge she thought I’d pursue she gave me a client who just wanted to watch fashion shows on YouTube (for real, w/ regularly clothes models.) An easy couple hundred bucks. Ken was surprised that unlike everyone else in the underworld, I didn’t steal from him and I was a great conversationalist. I was just as surprised to find he shared those qualities. We started talking, bonding. He had expressed his interest, not in men-he said, but jus one part of the guy. No Relationships, no attachments. Where did he find candidates? The aforementioned ads were full of straight guys seeking other straight guys who would engage in sexual encounters with them, after which they would both still be straight and return to their women. Women who never, ever imagined and who would never hear a confession. To my shock there were rows and rows of ads like this. I never had a reason to look at m4m ads before. There was a world of sexual activity that at times involved people I thought I knew. How many men were on the down low and proving Ben Franklin wrong about the impossibility of living people keeping a secret. When it came to men with other men, that’s a secret very many if them take to the grave.

No, All men aren’t gay

That was an oversimplified conclusion drawn by a simple mind prone to stereotyping to make sense of the world. I was so surprised bc I would have thought such secret sex goings-on were rare, verging on never. But common? I was blown away. I decided to investigate in a more direct way. More on that Adventure coming up!

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