Anime Images+Prostitution Dress Code

Most people think prostitutes are easy to spot bc they have a stereotypical appearance.

People not involved in prostitution imagine that sex workers are easy to spot on the street, or anywhere else.
In truth when guys are driving in slow circles in an area known for prostitution, colloquially called the “track,” “stroll,” or “ho stroll,” guys prefer to pick up women who are dressed casually. A potential client decides if a woman is working if she is just strolling with no particular purpose, and if she meets the driver’s eye, with a smile. Men in the know are aware that undercover policewomen will be posted up in one precise spot where they are clearly visible to the other officers in the sting (undercover operation.) These guys want to be certain that a woman is willing to walk 100 yards or so to his vehicle when he pulls over to the curb after gesturing with a head nod. A woman dressed to attract attention does not get any.

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