Honolulu park where COVID-19 Testing is Scheduled–see YouTube Link

The above link is to August 2019 post that shows me introducing you to a local park that shows signs of drugs and gambling if you know how to look through the beauty. For example, the presence of feral chickens descended from fighting birds dwell in Kaka’ako Park. On Sunday April 19, 2020 they will be testing for COVID-19.

I want to join the chickens in the park and get tested. But you have to show symptoms. Should I pretend not to know that stipulation and just show up? Do I really want to join a group of symptomatic sick people? There’s contagion and the teensy chance all the sick people will be taken into isolation. These two risks have deterred me. But I wish I could get tested to know if I’m a healthy carrier, free of the virus, or in the verge of illness. As long as I don’t know, I can declare myself healthy.

One response to “Honolulu park where COVID-19 Testing is Scheduled–see YouTube Link”

  1. Don’t forget to declare yourself very pretty also. The tone of your voice just adds to it. Stay away from the testing place unless you show signs. I am equally worried about being an asymptomatic carrier but the benefit of finding that out does not outweigh the potential hazard of being at symptom central.

    Stay safe. I’d still like to meet you one day.


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