Just BC Something is on TV Doesn’t Make it Trustworthy

I Trust TV

I don’t really know that until I started watching a show called American Greed. The show featured a diversity of scams. It taught me that I am like the people who got tricked. If I saw something on TV I took the appearance as an endorsement. It’s not. Someone with power, but perhaps even less wisdom than me, decided to show something. Doesn’t Make it right. I just saw something that bothered me. There’s this station, called StartTV, that shows clips of successful women. Personally, those segments, to be honest, make me feel like a loser bc of what I might have done. But that’s not the point. I just watched a successful woman say “creative people have their own reality” and indicates creative people have the right to express these views and be respected. In her case it was her daughter producing a show called Transparent, about a dad who comes out as a transgender woman later in life. I’m not a creative person. I write what I remember and my opinions. Productive but not creative. Yet, my views are just as worthy of respect. I wanted to share my thoughts on what I just heard bc creative people, like the speaker, are no better than the rest of us. You’d believe me more if I was on TV, but I’ve got this blog!

I may not be on TV, but please, hear me!

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