An Angry Comment from 2019 post “All Men Are Gay”

A reader put a lot of effort into his disagreement and mentioned some things I never knew, for example, why men help each other get laid, and speculation about my secret fantasy concerning gay men.

<p>I read about 7 of your posts so far and this one has made me click away.  I don’t know how things are in Hawaii, but here in the mainland straight me are not secretly gay.  It’s absurd to even think such a thing and your “proof” is more absurd than the statement.  Not to mention, insinuating that a mentally ill person’s agreement with the idea is proof tat it’s true is nothing less than ridiculous.  What, are trannies all-of-a sudden omniscient gods?  I must’ve missed the memo on that one!</p>
<p>It’s like a man saying all women are gay because they are more comfortable undressing in front of each other than men usually are.  Not to mention, they can spend hours in a restroom together, which obviously means they are having sex, and most likely orgies with any and every woman that wanks through the restroom door.  And it’s not rape because, of course, secretly, all women are gay fiends who are constantly looking for it whenever and wherever they can get it – even in a public restroom with their face kissing a tampon vending machine.  And it’s true because tranny Josephine with the 5-o’clock shadow said so with absolute certainty! </p>
<p>Sound absurd?  It is.</p>
<p>Just because men help each other get laid does not mean they want to have sex with each other, or that they do.  That is completely asinine. Men help each other to get laid because, for a man, it’s pretty hard to get laid (without paying an escort or hooker).  That why most of them (thought not all) look for hookers and escorts.  It’s pretty obvious but I guess it’s not obvious to women who live in a fantasy world, and obviously trannies who work at HIV testing centers.  </p>
<p>The reason you and your associate think that men are secretly gay is because it is a fantasy of yours for them to be, for whatever reason, positive or negative.  There’s a psychological term for that, but it eludes me at the moment.</p>
<p>What a completely outrageous, baseless claim!</p>

One response to “An Angry Comment from 2019 post “All Men Are Gay””

  1. Lol that was triggered. It’s just opinions folks. You don’t have to attack them like it’s going to change the universe if you don’t.

    I personally don’t feel gay but won’t say you are wrong for having an opinion that is not my own.

    That guy was angry.


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