If You Are White, Do You Think The Following Analysis From a Reputable Source Describes You?

He added that almost all racial interactions between black people and white people are characterised by these automatic and unconscious put-downs from white people.

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One response to “If You Are White, Do You Think The Following Analysis From a Reputable Source Describes You?”

  1. I’m going to have to dwell a bit on what the p-word is.

    Racism is not a door that is opened and closed. Rather than a simple binary state it is a tide that ebbs and flows. It seems to me that although there is a recent ugly blatant resurgence of racism it is ebbing. We see it in the amount of interracial relationships. The amount of ethnic professionals in “good jobs” like doctors, engineers, and lawyers. Beauty contest winners. Politicians. Business owners. CEO’s. For heavens sake Michio Kaku, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Alex Filippenko are my favorite TV scientists. Granted the last one is white but I won’t hold that against him. He seems cool.

    I’m a half breed who grew up in Hawaii. We gave a unique environment here, as my lady blogger knows, that is beautiful and filled with racism. Frank DeLima is a beloved Portuguese comedian here whose success is based in making fun of all races. We don’t consider it racist to laugh at ourselves and the stereotypes we present as. Jo Koy is friken hilarious and 30% or more if his material is about race. Then there is the cross the street type of racism that is still everywhere though to a lesser degree than a few decades ago.
    More often than not it’s the haole (white people) who are looked down upon here because many of them exhibit a caucasity that locals find distasteful.

    In our country we went from overt aggression to micro aggression. We don’t have perfection but we have progress. I think the world will be a better place the more we mix bloodlines so whatever pettiness we wish to inflict in each other would be equally distributed. It seems a part of human nature to have an us and a them. This is the something we need to work on. If you have a belly button then you are a part of my tribe.

    Speaking as that half breed who grew up on my blessed island populated with what seems like every race in the world there is only one group of people I don’t like. Assholes.


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