“Forensic Files” Shows me that Many Men Kill Women Who Deny Them Sex

Between men and women it’s not always love or even like., But there can be desire. But if women don’t desire men, if they “refuse a sexual advance,” as the show about murder called Forensic Files, puts it, he may kill her. The show shows how investigators utilize forensic evidence, especially when there’s nothing else to tell them about a crime. The producers are experts on the subject of murder. Without exception, when a man kills a woman and no one knows why, Forensic Files speculates “she may have refused a sexual advance.” Every. Time. This tells me that they’ve seen enough men who kill women for this reason that they feel safe making this assumption. In the absence of evidence to the contrary when a man kills a woman it’s probably bc she denied him sex. That’s pretty major.

3 responses to ““Forensic Files” Shows me that Many Men Kill Women Who Deny Them Sex”

  1. Why is it like that. I do not doubt this. Even if evidence states anything contrary your opinion makes sense. Why, regardless of its truth or untruth, does it seem like some men would kill when denied sex? Why is it so plausible? Are we so terrible on a base level? What possesses some men to the point he cannot walk away and experiences so great a loss of control?

    I can’t understand the act as much as I can’t understand it’s plausibility. Does this show men need to improve on a societal level or are there a great multitude of bad apples in our bunch?


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