Guess What young guys call out to attractive mature women

  • This is what a boy who looked like he could have been in high school called out to me: Hey Mamí, do you want to be my Mommy? Yes it was absurd but you know me, a part of me didn’t mind.

Remember Mrs. Robinson? The first MILF when there was no such thing as a MILF…


6 responses to “Guess What young guys call out to attractive mature women”

    • I have heard it said a pretty lady will turn boys heads, a beautiful one will turn the heads of men, while a gorgeous woman will turn the heads of other women.

      Attractiveness is one thing and can lack sensuality. The bubbly cheerleader lacks the smoldering seductive eyes that seem to promise intimacy. The pursed lips that leave others wanting to taste. The lithe grace of the body in motion. Its a turn. A glance. A laugh. It’s the Je ne sais quoi that some people have and don’t seem capable of turning off. It permeates everything they do effortlessly. It is all this and much more.

      Yes the difference is significant and unique in both the way it is given and received. Physical beauty is only skin deep. Sexuality is enveloping.


  1. There is a difference between an attractive mature woman and a woman who exudes sexuality. They can be mutually exclusive and no less desirable for it.

    You, my dear, just happen to do both very well.


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