There Are Men Who Enjoy the Look of Women and are Happy to Find it in Men

Getting Away From Women

It never occurred to me 5hat my friend pursued other men with the specific intention of not having women around. I only found that out after he died when I read messages he had written on Messenger using my tablet. He used my tablet for the bigger screen. All the better to watch porn. He had made plans to meet a gay couple he knew. The last message was, “I’m here,” then nothing. He never told me about that though I had encouraged him to tell the stories. I thought I’d get invited as a spectator to such an event. It never for one minute crossed my mind that men would congratulate each other on a female-free atmosphere.

The Preference for Transgender Hookers Explained

Whenever I worked downtown or walked around to see how things are, I would try to catch the eye of guys dropping off “mahus” or men dressed as women who may or may not be pursuing surgery, but always want to have sex with men. One guy had a bumper sticker that read “I live my wife.” Indeed. Of course I am a bit cynical bc I have a nature that sees the negative first, but I also have a good sense of humor which makes my presence tolerable. I know that the man may very well love his wife, but he yearns for someone who looks like a woman but is nit. One of the guys who’s girlfriend is a working girl explained what he sees. He waits for the girlfriend to go on dates and return with the money for them to buy drugs. I’ve never understood having a man like that but I didn’t understand the appeal of a mahu either. This guy said:

A lot of men aren’t comfortable around women. They don’t know what to say to them. If a mahu is really pretty then the guys don’t have to worry about dealing with a woman.

An observer of street life

The former friend I had, Mandy, who said all men are gay, she had a characteristically bitter view of the surprisingly common desire of regular married men to intermittently dabble in quasi-same sex delights:

Men want to show women they don’t need them for anything but procreation. If they could take women out of that, they would.

Mandy, 30 year working girl

I don’t know if discussmarried men this among themselves. It’s funny how people come to unanimous unspoken agreements but they do, and this “down low” indulgences definitely one of them. I suppose the difficulties arise when men want to pursue this full time and in public.

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