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Experimenting with Site Mission Statements

1. Harvard elite slides down to the scale to the Honolulu drug streets and smiles through the pain with 1st Person Stories of the lessons learned on the descent

2. The Fascinating Purpose of My Site expertescort2018.com: Harvard Grad’s amusing + intimate tales of life on Honolulu’s Addicted Streets.

3. Opinions? Suggestions? Maximize people’s interest with the fewest words. Not easy.

  • How did it feel?
  • What happened?
  • Causes?
  • Results?
  • Lessons Learned?
  • Related issues

I did research about successful web writing and I learned that you don’t ask your readers to think. Who are your readers? People who don’t know you or what they really want. Something caught their eye and you’ve got 3 seconds to show them the reward your site offers as if they are simple animals seeking a reward. The author said there are ways your great site is losing people. I’m getting them back by staying focussed on street sex. And related issues.

5 responses to “HarvardGrad➕ DrugAddiction⏩ StoriesYouWannaRead”

  1. Sex sells.

    I was drawn to your posts originally looking for something along those lines. I have come to appreciate some of your points of view. I have learned different things. I have gained an appreciation of your mind. I have heard your melodic voice. Seen a snippet of what you are like when you feel wronged. Had my eyes pop out at some of your pictures. I really like those by the way. Above all I feel slightly captivated by what you have though I can’t quantify it.

    I look forward to what is being teased to come. Did I mention I really like your pictures?


    • Thank you. Very much. I feel a bit less guilty for the hour I just spent on pix. Question or perhaps a call to action. You are one if my newly faithful. What can you personally do to promote the blog. I know if I find the tipping point” it will go viral.


    • Can you, personally, come up with a promo idea. I’m just missing the key to going viral, making money and taking the faithful with me!


      • You are in a very narrow band market with the topics you write about in this app. I initially stumbled onto your site researching how to contact you. I’m an avid reader and a few of your your entries piqued my interest. I read the site and it pointed to this one.

        That initially wanting to meet you lead me to an appreciation of your mind and the topics you write about. Again we see a further narrowing of bandwidth. I know you are used to a few atypical situations like with the guy who liked to see you do Mensa puzzles. You are a sexy intelligent woman and often enough the former is more appreciated than the latter. I find the latter accentuates the former. I know I am not alone but the intersection of interests here in this app does not seem to suit.

        The provocative pictures I do so enjoy has a definite sway to those 2 main facets which seem to be the cornerstone of your blog/vlog efforts. The draw from the islands is that there is the potential for tangible contact. The draw from afar is everyone wants to go to Hawaii. The draw from afar is where you need to push.

        The YouTube vids will probably get more traffic here. I liked the 5 vids I have seen. Key to that is presenting the islands from your unique point of view. Not just the underbelly but points that would pique the interest of people who ever dreamed of coming here. Your deserted Waikiki vid is case in point. Your demographic as such is predominantly the male who indulges in a risqué foray now and then and takes vacations. Age and financial status will track with that group intersection.

        There is not very much promotion with Hawaii and sex. Those 2 do more than well enough alone. You need to attach firmly to that coat tail, consider the demographic, and give your writing a slant in that direction. Just a slant. You need to write what you want to write period or your whole thing here has no deeper meaning. If you don’t it will show and cheapen it.

        Having me as a niche reader started from another direction and I was drawn in. The same strategy could work from the different direction of the mainstream.


      • That darn no backsies button. The above needed to be edited a bit. My train of thought is ruined. Hopefully the insight will help you to brew up an effective strategy. I do wish for your success.


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