Viewers say “yes” to murder but “no” to nipples. The Accidental Display of Topless Pic on Site Shows Incredible Irony

Remember Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunction? Here’s what happened to me yesterday…

Janet Jackson had a a wardrobe malfunction and I had a pic pick malfunction. An easy mistake to make, as it happens. I didn’t know that pictures in the phone’s picture gallery are only shown to the shoulders until they are posted when the whole picture is revealed. Yikes! But here’s the thing: I saw that I got banned from one social media site, suspended for a month and a week from two others. But what had I done? I know that I know that I don’t do inappropriate pictures. The clear message was the simple sight of (half) a woman’s body, in a neutral position is dirty and “a violation of community standards.”

This condemnation from a country that shows a live murder every year. Think about it. For the last 50 years, every November, we have seen President Kennedy get the back of his head blown off. On regular tv. With no warning that the content might be not be appropriate for all viewers. Fragments of skull blown into space by a bullet (or two?)–Yes! A woman’s breasts–No! I’m a product of my culture. When I saw the picture I gasped in horror and took it down right away. Oh, the shame of it. And yes, I watch the assassination every year on the anniversary of President Kennedy’s death. I remember bc my birthday is right before that date. When I shake my head at the folly of society I include myself among the crowd of clueless. I will admit to you something else I would rather you not know but in the interest of full disclosure I must share: I am naked beneath my clothes.

3 responses to “Viewers say “yes” to murder but “no” to nipples. The Accidental Display of Topless Pic on Site Shows Incredible Irony”

  1. I could write a book on just this issue, the hypocrisy of patriarchal society regarding sex versus violence. Actually, there are probably tens of thousands of books, and millions of essays. It’s called feminism with a capital “F.” It makes a lot of sense, when you understand the religious and sociocultural contexts and male domination dynamics. We dominate using violence and the threat of domination. You give us sex. You have to, because we are dominant. Our wives don’t approve, so we appease them by keeping the sex on the down low. Oh, I have so many thoughts on this!


    • Wait, there are some contradictions. If we are giving sex, then we don’t have to. If we have to, that’s rape. And if you’re truly dominant why appease the wives? I like getting to the bottom of what people think by following the thoughts to their logical conclusions. I’m not criticizing. In fact you show the contradictory nature if a male dominated society where the first person every man meets and needs is his mother. Throw motherhood into the male dominance conversation and you get real confusion!


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