Too Bad You’re Not a Submissive

Being submissive isn’t just an act. It’s a state of mind that you project constantly in the BDSM environment and I radiated non-submissive. I certainly wasn’t dominant.

I’ve met people who are into bondage, and role playing. Guys have told me they wished I was submissive. I was not interested in anything but the stories and apparently a submissive person has a certain way of walking into the room, eyes downcast, shoulders hunched. I did not project the vibe of someone who wants someone else to take charge. I just don’t have it in me to come under someone else’s Dominion. This statement must have been the would-be dominant’s way of floating the possibility. No, not me! During these encounters remained true to mysel. 9I did what I do–ask questions and listen attentively.

On two different occasions, two different guys told me the same story. They described meeting a woman who was open-minded. She allowed him to handcuff her or tie her up, I think with panty hose. Once she was immobilized he would scold her at length for allowing a man she did not know tie her up. Maybe this educational service is standard for dominant types and that’s why two separate people had the same story.

Being handcuffed may be fun for some but I will pass, no matter how educational the experience promises to be.

Bondage is great for some, as I learned

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