The American Credit Score System Uses Extortion Just Like the Mafia, and it Keeps Criminals, Criminal

The Businessmen who designed the credit score system are thugs, thugs that use extortion to make you give them your money in the form of interest payments, or else they will make you sorry. I heard that pimps and mobsters use the same protection racket…

The Truth About “Credit Age”

Your credit score is a three digit number that’s supposed to sum up your fiscal responsibility and talent. It is used as a way to judge character. A poor credit score murders the life you could have. A poor credit score can be used to justify denying you employment, housing, and other things that may seem indirectly related to your credit score. Your score is tabulated using a number of factors, one of which is credit age. That’s logical, you might think, the younger you are the less likely you are to have good credit. No, no, no. Credit age has to do with the age of your loans, in other words, how long you’ve been making progress paying down the principle and t it’s evil twin, interest, that goes hand in hand with every loan.

You’ll be punished for thwarting the powers-that-be by paying off debt

Here’s the criminal dimension, in two parts. When you pay off a loan your credit score goes down, not up, because you’re no longer showing your trustworthiness over a long period of time. The only way to get a good credit score is to be in debt and pay it off sloooowly. That’s lots of interest payments. And what is interest? The arbitrary fee you have to pay for the privilege of being in debt. You cannot purchase anything tangible with interest. It is a construct. If you don’t pay, you’ll have bad credit. And no life.

No Credit, No Life

TBesides bad credit and good credit there’s no credit. You have not proven yourself. It’s almost no better to be free of debt than it is to default on your loans. You will be denied the life you could have unless you pay the interest imposing thugs to keep them from hurting you. One late (not even skipped) payment can negatively impact your credit score for ten years. There’s no escaping the bankers.

Bankers, GMO’s, and Big Pharma

You know what would be perfect for big business? 🏭 While you are paying those extortionists, they’d appreciate it if you eat their mass produced imitation food. The big business diet puts you on the fast track to obesity, but fortunately for your corporate leaders, obesity kills slowly while creating the need for pharmaceuticals 💊 to treat your chronic illnesses that financial stress exacerbates.


How does the convicted felon fit

She doesn’t. She is not supposed to. No one wants extra competition from anyone because every win produced a slew of losers. She is ineligible for good jobs, she lacks the employment history that would allow her to take on the burden of debt. If not for the low income safety net, she’d have no way to support herself unless she does what got her into trouble in the first place. That’s how the rich get richer. Are they taking from us or are we passively giving in, giving up?

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