A Sexual Encounter or YouTube? Here’s a Sample of a “date” for Money

We were “hanging out” at the client’s apartment. Hanging out was his catch all phrase for an encounter or relationship that he didn’t know how to label. “I don’t know what to call it,” is a lyric from a rap song that suits our situation nicely. I liked him, enjoyed his company, and he knew better than to call me without money. And what does his money get him? The client said he wanted me to see this YouTube video because “it gave him hope.” I was similarly moved, which is why I want you to see the video. You might also be inspired. But if you’re not inspired, you’ll be a bit more enlightened about what men do with prostitutes. It’s just like we’re all regular people, doing things ordinary people do. I would have been surprised that a man would pay for such banal companionship, before I worked in that field. Now, very little surprises me.

One response to “A Sexual Encounter or YouTube? Here’s a Sample of a “date” for Money”

  1. Was this a long time customer? I can’t imagine new customers wanting this. This is more of a formed relationship type of transaction. Sometimes I find myself talking to a few of my providers more than anything else. One of them texts me at least a few times a week with interesting points as well as asking for advice. That provider is definitely not lacking in customers. It’s a development of liking the others company and what they show you of themselves.

    That Susan Boyle snippet is cool. I can’t stop myself from going down the rabbit hole after I saw that. Move directly to the golden buzzer vids! Lots of entertaining and heartwarming performances. I can spend an hour doing just that easily!


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