Ladies, Don’t Get Mad If You Notice Him Noticing Other Women 😂

I have to amend my statement. Yes, men will notice women constantly and much more than women notice men It’s not that your man is odd, take ng notice is normal. Doevenn’t get mad about the him noticing, get mad about him making it obvious to you that someone else is really attractive especially someone who doesn’t look like you. I remember how totally insulted I was when. I went to a college dance, feeling confident that I looked great with my tight runners body. I was confident until my date spotted another young women who had the conventionally attractive bombshell hourglass figure. He did an exaggerated double take, and even went so far as to take a couple of steps in her direction away from me. He wasn’t even kidding or doing a parody of a lecherous male. His wit was not nimble enough to much less communicate that sort of irony. I knew that he understood quite well that the more attractive woman was someone else’s date. I’ve heard it said, In February 2020 Two White Men Shit and Killed a Black Jogger and Were arrested This Week not what you do but how you do it, and in this case I agree. I classy guy will never let women know he’s thinking the very many sexual thoughts he thinks. It’s not the same as lying when a person conceals the…rawness…of his base private nature

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I know that there are signs that a man wants an open, public relationship with a woman. But men have thoughts about women that they don’t share with us and we women have no idea that men are thinking certain things about almost every woman almost all of the time. I did not know the hidden truths for which there are no signs. Most men look at most woman and filter the view through a sexual lense. Even if only for one hundredth of a second, men look and think “yes, no, want her, don’t want her, too old, too young, could have her if I want, wish I could have her,” etc., etc. These thoughts occur consciously or so quickly they are unconscious. But make no mistake, these ecret hiughts occur. Although men give no sign they are looking at every woman, they are looking at every woman. Sexually…

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