many whites think racism is not that bad and I Understand Why

In February 2020 Two White Men Shot and Killed a Black Jogger, Ahmed Aubrey, and Were only arrested This Week

No Black Person Was Shocked pool have kept you even though your birth mother was alife long mental patient and really disruptive. The greeting from the world set the stage for the racism and rejection to come

I Don’t Blame Whites for Doubting the Severity and even the reality of racism

Of course people who have never been hated by the masses for no good reason can’t understand racism. Naturally they don’t want to believe the world is as evil as I know it is. I’m not talking about unemotional knowledge, the way I know what day it is (I admit during quarantine I don’t always know!). I know in my soul the hatred the world has for me. Imagine who I’d be if I never knew hatred. I wish I could know. White privilege includes never ha to kask who you might have been had you not been despised. (I’m not whining. At least no one’s tried to kill me)-



I’d prefer never knowing the hatred over letting it go. Wisdom, like honest, can be excessive for no good reason

I understand what I wish I didn’t know and

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