“Jesus” is a name even Christians absolutely won’t mention in public

People are not willing to mention Jesus by name. I read that somewhere and I have to say it is really true. The article I reference by memory said that no other name creates such a rage in people and no other name will drive people away from inviting God into their lives like the name of Jesus. If I remember correctly, and I’m not sure I do, the founders of the 12 Steps of AA were concerned about the alienating power of calling Jesus by name and that’s why they stressed Higher Power. Although I know that they read the actual Bible in early A.A. meetings especially the book of James. But that history is certainly not flaunted. Let’s talk about today’s public and how Jesus is anathema.

This time of quarantine showed me a two prime examples of how even Christians avoid saying Jesus. You can investigate the examples for yourself. God, The Lord, Higher Power, even The Father. People will say these names on non-religious shows like “Mom” and “Two and a Half Men.” I have to ask, the father of whom? There’s no mention of The Son and that’s a glaring omission for those if us who’ve read and studied the Bible. It’s almost weird, because it’s so obvious.

This quarantine time I was scrolling through YouTube and I saw that “Shout To The Lord” was performed on American Idol. The opening words of the song are “My Jesus.” I was curious about how they’d handle The Name. They reworked the arrangement so as not to say “Jesus” in a song that’s sung to Jesus, as in “My Jesus, Lord there is none like you.” Wow! And get this, for the first time, I watched the show “Touched by an Angel.” I didn’t watch it when it was current because any mention of God enraged me. I was like the resistant characters on the show who resented God bc of their troubles. They got a visit from an Angel who tells them God loves them. I had demanded, deep in my own bitterness if youth, Where was my angelic visit? You can imagine my rant. But the show’s on now. How will they deal with Jesus? Again, no mention of Jesus. On “Touched by an Angel”! Lots of quoting the New Testament.  The show is full of Christianity. The main character even spends time in the wilderness like you-know-who. In a bit of jumbling of verses in the New Testament, while in the wilderness the star of the show quotes what’s-his-name asking God why He has forsaken her. Only a person who knows the Bible would catch the Jesus references on the show. There are Jesus references aplenty. Yet they never call the Name above all other names.

What’s up with that?


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