Did You Know That A Lot Of People Hear Voices?

I’ve been around mental illness all of my life. I had thought I had seen it all before but I hadn’t. There were things like cutting, which I will cover in another post. There’s also hearing voices. I don’t hear voices but there’s something about the way I talk about my true beliefs that causes mental health professionals of many varieties say, not really ask, “You hear voices…yes?” No, I do not. In the words if the question that tries to be neutral in tone, I do not have exceptionally good hearing that allows me to hear what others don’t. I have been surprised to discover that people I had been around for years heard voices. Some said they heard their name whispered rapidly, ceaselessly. Like CaroleenaCaroleenaCaroleenaCaroleenaCaroleena. One person I knew said she heard voices calling her a thief. I was actually pleased to hear it bc it seemed to me like she felt guilty for all she stole and I thought she had no conscience. If you are around people who trust you or who think you aren’t in a position to harm their reputations (in other words no one cares what you say), you might try asking them if they hear voices. I’d be curious to know if the general population on non-addicts hears voices too.

Mental illness is all around us. Some might find that comforting

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