Domestic Violence in Hawaii is is Kinda OK

How Does Violence Mean He Loves You? Easy

When hitting is reserved for the intimate partner and no one else, it is quite logical to associate a raised fist with a feeling on exclusivity. In fact, and this just occurred to me, the one way a husband is absolutely faithful is that his wife is the one person he hits. He may visit hookers or even have a mistress. Under circumstances of sexual infidelity, the fact that he hits only the wife can make the wife feel pretty special.

What is the Appropriate Public Response to a Man Hitting a woman? Hint: don’t be a hero.

I Addiction gave me opportunities to met local born Hawaii residents that I would not have had if I had travelled the standard path of hanging out with other educated east coast transplants. My conclusions are based on observations and not statistical facts. Having said that, I have noticed that when a person like me sees a man hitting a woman and takes it upon herself to tell something distracting out of reach of swinging ham hock fists, a person like me is considered rude.

That’s between them. Or, that’s just domestics (domestics with an ‘s.’)

Look the other way, in such a way, that you don’t like you’re looking away. I don’t get subtext. I thought a woman wouldn’t want to be hit. What did I know?

One response to “Domestic Violence in Hawaii is is Kinda OK”

  1. Hitting someone for reasons other than to protect yourself and others is not excusable and should be pointed out in every possible way.


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