A Honolulu Building, Century Center, Is Said To Be a Hotbed of Organized Prostitution. 2 Things People Who Care Need To Know: See Brief News Link


Two (2) Important Points

A List of Important Century Center Facts
  • Massage has nothing to do with prostitution. Hawaii has a great law that limits the use of the word “massage” to establishments staffed and supervised by licensed massage therapists. Hence the name “relaxation spa.” Yes, massage can be sexual. So can movies or any number of things I need not name bc you get the point. Massage therapists have worked hard to change the totally wrong idea that massage therapy is not only prostitution but is also unskilled, a con job, a RIP off, and utterly lacking in therapeutic value. Massage therapists are educated professionals who are licensed by the state of Hawaii. Licensed massage therapists take a state licensing exam that tests anatomy, massage technique and law. They must acquire over 600 training hours. No massage establishment was raided this weekend. I know there isn’t a relaxation establishment using the word massage in its name. The media should follow suit.
    • Social worker service providers accompany the police during the raid so they will be on hand? What services do they provide to the trafficked? Those establishments are often staffed by Asian immigrants who don’t speak English and use the translator phone app to communicate with clients. I know bc I have asked guys what those places are like. I never worked in one because they are strictly for Asians. The long ago times I went to inquire about work someone told me later everyone there thought I was an undercover cop. Funny! But I had advantages since I speak English and I wouldn’t have needed to live there, like their workers usually do. Close those places and you add to the homeless population that Honolulu officials seem to dislike enormously. Those establishments don’t want trouble so they are good neighbors. Guys arriving and departing do NOT want to draw attention to themselves. People are bothered by the idea of activities they can only assume are taking place when these common establishments (unfortunately nicknamed amp’s for Asian massage parlors) do no actual harm to complaining neighbors. Now what will those women do? With luck, they’ll find housing in a new relaxation parlor bc I doubt the service providers can replace the entire way of life they snatched from society’s most desperate. Am I in favor of exploitation? No. I’m in favor of a real alternative. Social workers on hand to help victims during the police raid…yeah, right

In conclusion

Massage Therapists are not Hookers

Brothels are not Massage Establishments

Police Raids Create Different Problems that effect the same people. Problems are shifted not solved but we probably need that to keep cerain parts if society from growing uncontrollably. Like a yin and yang balance thing.

2 responses to “A Honolulu Building, Century Center, Is Said To Be a Hotbed of Organized Prostitution. 2 Things People Who Care Need To Know: See Brief News Link”

  1. There is a definite difference between the two. There are places I go for either one, the other, and I was lucky enough to find someone who can do both well.

    Century Center has been off limits to me for a while because of Covid. Now it will be off limits because of the focus put on it with 2 busts in 3 weeks. Independent providers are IMHO currently the best option.


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