He is Addicted to Prostitution and He is Going To Talk To You About His Addiction

The Words of a Prostitution Addict–How it Felt to Be a Member of a Discussion Forum

I started off reading the comments the guys made on the internet discussion forum. I decided to post something so totally ridiculous that there’s no way anyone is going to believe a woman randomly got on the elevator with me and said “do you want to f###?” For free, at that. But no one challenged me. I could write whatever I wanted and I was that person as long as I was online

“I felt like I had another person inside of me. You know that guy who does the things you never thought you’d do but you really wanted to do? I was that guy. He was the kind of person who spent time with prostitutes and when he wasn’t with prostitutes he spent time planning future dates and reliving his most recent experience. And when he wasn’t thinking about it, he was posting about it thus eliciting the same stories from other guys As a senior member he had credibility with guys who looked to the site for real info about women and women-types he had met and they actually could meet. He was an actual teacher just like he was studying to be in his Ph.D. program in the other compartment of his life. The more he posted as that other guy the quicker it was to become a high status senior member. He had the clout to ask other site members their opinions of certain providers without first giving his opinions as an offering. He was in a position to make demands. ” After the phone got through its start up procedures and I started navigating to the site, I would feel nervous about the posts I had written it was like a pleasurable pain tm. How had the guys liked my stuff? What kind what kind of sex did they have bc of me. That’s how things started out as a senior site member. Before the trouble began.

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