Not Much Hawaii GUN Violence, But a Prostitution Addict Should Know Theft Is Common: See Copy From Monger Site Below

They don’t carry guns much in Honolulu BUT–

Hawaii is the number one state for property crimes. Meaning, you are likely to have something stolen from you under any circumstance. Your stuff will be stolen in the beach when you go in the water, your purse will be snatched, your clothes stolen if you hang them outside to dry. If you are on the most popular Honolulu Monger discussion site you might get set up to be robbed as you will read below, but at least you won’t get shot. Does this risk stop guys from seeking new providers? Of course not but you can see why guys rely on trusted senior members to tell them what’s what

There is tension between mongers trying to do what comes naturally and police who would rather target women than dangerous men.

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