Men Pay Women Who Are willing to Have Sex and Don’t Demand Conversation. The YouTube link shows why the joke is on men like this.

Men Aren’t Just Paying For Sex, They Are Paying For Sex Without Talking, Before, During, and After

In general people want what they want when they want it with a minimum of effort. For men, the thing they always want is sex. Right now. Having to court a woman, or convince her he cares about her now and will continue to care in the future, well, that can be an irritating delay. During the act, many hate losing focus when they have to listen to what she wants or doesn’t want. It is preferable to many to get the rules established upfront so as not to interrupt the action. But that’s kinda not too romantic and more than a little conniving. Men dislike having to convince women that they are not just after one thing. Telling this lie is yet another time waster. Finally, men often want to flee the scene as if they committed a crime. Even guys not under time pressure. They really don’t want to hang around with promises of phone calls–even if he plans to call!

Relationships are called negotiations, give and take. Not every guy acts on the desire to be a pure taker but every guy wants to be a sexual taker, which means they want to consider only their desires. Women are just as much takers but pleasing the man with the hope of bonding him to her is what female selfishness looks like. Ironically, men and women can both be selfish and it works bc they’re all about him. But that’s only during sex. Selfish men want to get in and out (pun intended) without concerning himself with her. So they pay.

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